Kit Review: Falling for Florence

Cycling kits are an expression of oneself; our mood, our tribe, where we have been and maybe even where we are going. 

Whenever I buy a kit, I am always conscious of how I position said kit with me as a person. Am I about to invest in a kit that promotes stealthy unsmiling cyclists? Probably not, because I am not that type of bike rider. My bike is my happy place, and the kit that I choose to don will exude just that.  


And that is basically what Foher mirrors. I stumbled across this Australian based brand a couple of years ago and its clear that they bring vibrant colour and fun to their designs. Foher is about bringing an inclusive community of women together who share the passion for cycling and triathlon.  

Introducing Florence by Foher. Every time I wear this kit, I get compliments. But sometimes things look better than they actually are… So I have tried and tested it and here’s what I think of the functionality, fit, flaws and finesse of Florence… 


The design… 

When picking a jersey, it is the design that first catches our eye. We are women after all, and pretty things we must have. 

The Florence kit doesn’t just catch your eye, it steals your heart. A classic kit with a modern spin that rocks the floral and stripes combo. It’s a fun kit for chicks who are serious about riding their bikes.

The black and white floral patterned panels on the front and back of the jersey is the sugar of the design. Its a celebration of summer in a fresh pattern representing new growth, long rides in the country side, and amazing adventures. The floral panels are broken up with figure shaping lateral stripes to nicely contour the cyclists body. 

The black sleeves and knicks are signed off with two coloured bands, this is the spice of the design. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the pink and orange bands, reminiscent of sorbets on a hot summer afternoon. These “sorbesent” bands honour those women who are keen to earn their stripes. 


Up top… 

Upon first touch, the Florence jersey feels silky soft and breathable. Its made from a light weight fabric which is well suited for riding in summer and warmer days – or pro hours if you are so lucky. Lightweight the fabric might be, see-through it is not. Unlike some other jerseys of the same texture and breathability. 

The black sleeves with “sorbesent” bands are longer than your traditional jersey, though sleeves of this length are becoming considered the norm as more brands adopt the trend. The sleeves feel like they are a firmer fit for the first time that you wear the kit. Though after a few wears this feeling dissipates.  


The grippers at the bottom of the jersey make sure that the pockets don’t bunch up while you’re riding. There is plenty of room for food on long rides, phones, GoPros and the ever important coffee money. There are no zipped pockets on this kit, a topic which has been known to divide a nation. The bright side to this conundrum is you can accessorise with a cute cycling purse instead.  Moving down. 


Down below…

There are a few things I personally look for in bib shorts – quality leg gripper bands, a comfortable chamois, and bib shorts made from a quality fabric. 

Irrelevant of whether you were blessed with a Beyonce booty or not, bib shorts are an area of high stretch. Nothing is going to kill your confidence on a climb more than knowing those on your wheel can see through your bib shorts. Luckily the ladies at Foher know this, and have ensured that the bib shorts are the darkest of blacks, matching the black in the low stretch areas of sleeves and pockets. 


Bib short length is something that is so subjective and varies from rider to rider. The length of the Florence bib shorts verge on the short side, and this is something I personally find very comfortable. The “sorbesent” leg grippers are wide and comfortable, preventing that dreaded sausage legs look. 

For all those chamois activists out there, you’d be glad to know that no extra chamois’ were harmed in the making of the Florence bib shorts! These ladies know how women ride, and what needs to be protected and more to the point – what doesn’t need to be protected!


No longer do we need to wear bib shorts with the same sized chamois as our larger male counterparts. The Florence kit cushions the areas that require attention, and the less is best methodology hits the nail on the head. Perfect for long rides, its lightweight, breathable and down right comfortable. 

The only point of subjectivity with the bib shorts is whether you are a die hard lover of the quick release in the brace of the bibs or not. With a static brace, the kit requires a manual change to free yourself for a nature break. 


So what? 

Cycling kits are an expression of oneself; our mood, our tribe, where we have been and maybe even where we are going. 

What is the Florence kit to me? Its a smart, comfortable, and fun kit that is for chicks who are serious about riding their bikes. Its the sugar; whether you are serious about finding roads less traveled, filling your heart with adventure and your belly with bakery treats. Its the spice; paying homage to the strong independent ladies who earn their “sorbesent” stripes on the start line. 

Wherever you are going, what ever you are doing… This kit will take you there in comfort and in style. Florence, you have stolen my heart. 


Ride stylish ladies xx 

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