Busting Our Cycling Mannerisms

I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days.

This is a quote that I read recently. And after reading it, I instantly smiled a warm knowing smile. The simple pleasure of riding a bike is something that is not understood by our unlycra clad friends, not everyone understands why riding a bike can be so therapeutic and full of amazingness. A while ago, I use to try and convert the unconverted about why the meter matters rule is so important to the lycra clad population… Somehow many of “them” didn’t understand that “we” don’t always feel like being hit by a car and smeared along the bitumen in the mornings, especially before we have had our morning coffee. That is just rude.

So this got me thinking… There is so much more to cycling that “they” don’t get, and that cyclists all around the world share the same passion, love, and have a mutual understanding. Here I present to you, things that make me giggle in my normal day to day antics… Riding a bike isn’t a sport, it becomes a lifestyle…

Checking the weather forecast five times before your plan your free time…

Surely I can’t be the only one who does this? Not only do I check my weather apps frequently, I also cross check it with other apps just to make sure! Sometimes if the weather on one app isn’t favourable with what I want to do, I start backing the one that tells me sunny and 30 degrees! Though deep down we know we don’t really have much control… When a race is coming up, I avoid all weather forecasts, mainly because I am scared of bad news! We have to learn to go with whatever the weather gods throw our way!

My favourite three weather apps

You have more water bottles than cups in the kitchen…

Every event you go to, you get a water bottle! The last event I went to, I got two! And my goofy boyfriend got two too. So now we have four new water bottles to add to our ever growing collection! Not that we are complaining… They are very useful! The pink bidon’s are my favourite ones (can you tell?).

When you go for drives in the car, you are seeking out new routes to ride and looking for new hills to climb…

Driving to the beach, or through a new town, or even just driving to work you find yourself scouting some new places to ride, thinking about gear changes, or looking for smooth roads that would be like silk to ride on! I often find myself wondering what is down a certain road, or around a corner. Last time I was on a plane, I was watching the sunset and was looking at all the little roads trailing through the mountains and farm land far below me. I wondered if anyone had ever ridden there, and how great it would be to be down there exploring!

Falling off your bike at traffic lights…

Traffic lights can be a blessing and a curse. Some mornings when I am riding intervals, and my legs are burning, the sweat is dripping I don’t really mind if the lights flash red. Sure I could have powered through, but we don’t want to break the law! The sneaky rest is often gladly welcomed! I do remember a time when I wished and wished and wished that the traffic lights would never turn red when I was approaching them. Sometimes we just forget to unclip at traffic lights, and end up falling off our bikes. I use to unclip my left leg and learn to the right… Now I just unclip my right leg AND lean to the right too. Nothing teaches you better than hitting the deck. We have all been there, and done that!

Leaning to the right!

Oil on your right calf…

It happens to the best of us! You might be teased at the coffee shop for rocking up with your new black chain tattoo, that’s okay, wear it like a badge of honour! One morning when I got to work, dressed in a skirt and heels, I was standing by the window as my colleague was wiping my leg with a wetwipe. Opps! Apparently I had got chain oil on my calf and got changed for work in such a rush that I hadn’t checked in the shower!

Tan lines…

Oh the tan lines! Knick and jersey tan lines are standards in the world of cycling. You become hardcore when you start getting a sock and glove tan lines… Though we aren’t embarrassed about these, we wear them like a badge of honour! If you are a triathlete… these tan lines become more complex, as we throw in swimming tog and running clothes tan lines into the mix… Some of us even have photos of these, and proudly post them on as many social media platforms as we can reach!


You hang your cycling kits in your cupboard, organised in some sort of format: colour, weather (winter, summer, wet, cold gear), brand… I am #Guilty of this one…I am sure I am not alone with this!?


When we aren’t riding, we are downloading all of our gadgets and then charging them all up again! This actually turns into a part-time job: front light, back light, bike computer, some people will be charging up their Di2… Ah the list goes on I am sure! Once we have downloaded, we are uploading our data to apps like Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, My Sports… Its all about the numbers right! We check out how many km’s we travelled, what was our average speed, our fastest speed, and my personal favourite elevation. I am actually pretty slack at this part, but definitely get a big thrill in checking out the stats after those long rides.

A few of my fav apps

Aside from sporting apps… Cyclists are also all over Instagram, or at least I am! If its not on Strava or Instagram… Your ride just didn’t happen! Quick! Snap it, edit it, upload it, and hashtag it #wymtm…


I find myself nodding at people when we are shopping at the supermarket, or at fellow cyclists when I am driving past in the car on the way to work. We might start pointing things out on the pavement when we are walking around town on our lunch time coffee break. Some of us might even point and call “hole!” Don’t forget to check out Cycling Torque!



All of these little cycling mannerisims and quirks make me giggle throughout my day and remind me of how amazing life is on two wheels! Its like being part of a special club. What things do you find yourself doing in your life off your bike?

Happy riding xxx 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Mari says:

    Used to make me laugh so hard when my cycling crazy partner used to say ‘car’ to me every time one approached when we walked across the road! He probably still does it but thanks to all my group rides I don’t notice anymore…


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