The Wet Weather Cycle

It’s raining. Its pouring. And in the morning, I hope we are not snoring.

I know that most of us when asked or told that we are control freaks immediately rebut. No way! Not me! Though come on girls, who are we kidding? We all have a little CDO, which is pretty similar to OCD except all the letters are in alphabetical order. As they should be. Me? A control freak? I think not!

We can control many things in our life. Whether we get up in the morning to meet our friend in the cold and dark to go for a ride. Or we can chose to just meet them at the coffee shop afterwards and enjoy the warmth of bed for a little longer while they are out there smashing their ride.

Humans are funny creatures, and a lot of the time we seem to always want what we can’t have. We want that banging summer bod, but we also want that chocolate, pizza, and a glass of red wine. OH fine, we want a BOTTLE of red wine. We can’t really have both, there needs to be a balance. We want to get stronger and faster on the bike, though we also don’t want to ride in the cold and dark when the dreaded alarm sounds in the wee hours of the morning.

It is funny though, that when we no longer have a choice about whether we can do something, like going for a ride early in the morning even if its dark and cold, there seems to be a boost of motivation and we want to do it more than anything in the whole wide world.

To say this weekend is a wet weather weekend is a complete understatement. Our house now has a moat and the streets are all flooded. We are in day two of heavy rain, and it is relentless! According to the trusty weather app on my phone, there are still three days of wet weather until the sun is even thinking of coming out to play. And thanks to my human nature, I really REALLY want to get out and ride my bike. But I can’t. Its no sun shower out there. The roads are very wet and very dangerous.



Here is how I will be surviving being cooped up in the house for the next few days!

Like you, I am addicted, and a little bit of rain isn’t going to stop me from getting my daily dose of endorphins. You just need to get creative. Enjoy the time out of your daily routine doing something different. Though at the same time, allow your activities to work along side your cycling/sport/fitness goals.

Sign yourself into an RPM or Spin Class!

The gym is the best place to go on a rainy day. This morning I signed myself into a RPM class at my local gym. I love these classes, it takes me back to primary school discos, things glowing in the dark and the music pumped up loud. Except RPM is way better than your primary disco because you have a bike with you, and I hate dancing. Spin class is an awesome way to get your heart rate up.


Need something longer?

While RPM classes are awesome, they do only go for 50 minutes. I usually ride for 3-4 hours on my weekend rides, so I can understand the need to ride longer, especially if you have a long race coming up! You can buy yourself a wind trainer! Yay! Something else that you can add into your bike room!


There are a couple of different types of wind trainers out there. The basic version that is super easy to set up and use has some gears that you can change manually. Or there are more high tech types that connect to a computer, you select a course, and you ride the course. The computer then controls the gradients at which you ride, and tries to emulate the course that you have selected. It might also show you some real life footage of where you have picked… Doesn’t sound too bad hey?
Cross train!

Can’t ride? Have you thought about going for a run instead? Or maybe the pool? We are yet to make a triathlete out of you!

swimming .jpg

Try something different.

RPM might be something different and new for you to sign yourself in for a class. Though maybe with inclement weather, you can afford to get involved in something else for a day or two? Try that class at the gym that you have wanted to do that has clashed with your 6am ride with the girls…

Strength and stability time!

We are often strapped for time to work on our strength and stability, so it can often be something that we end up neglecting. What better time than now? Grab your bosu ball, because now you have time! Building strength and working on our stability muscles are things that allow us to be better riders, and also prevents us from being injured. So lets make sure that when the sun shines, we can get out there and ride until our heart is content.



Namiste in bed… Rise and shine and bring out your inner yogi! Like strength and stability, stretching can also fall off the radar. We rush from training, to the shower so that we make that 8:15 am meeting. And we end up with sore hips, and tight hamstrings. Get yourself to a yoga class, or lay down a matt at home and stretch yourself out.


So are you going to let the wet weather run your day? We can’t control the weather, so don’t let your CDO (or OCD) get in the way of you making some small changes that will further you down the road of success. If the weather turns for the worst, get creative and think of some other fun things that you can do! Hold on tight, enjoy some time on the trainer, or your RPM class. The sun will be out again before you know it!


In the mean time, kick back with a cuppa and catch up on Le Tour! xx

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