Cycling Torque

Remember when you were a kid, and you ached not to be different? Though as you grew into an adult, you realised that it is actually not fun going with the crowd and that it is actually more fun to do what YOU enjoy?

Do what you enjoy and what you want! Even if it is running around with goggles on!


Today is Saturday. That means that on Friday night, it’s lights out at 8:30pm. And the alarm is set for an hour similar to those of club closing times. It always amuses me when people ask me for a lift home as they stagger down the street. Can’t they see I am riding a bike? Once (on New Year’s Day) my partner and I were offered a couple of hundred dollars to give someone a lift home…Again do they not see that we are on a bike??? These road bikes aren’t really made for dinking…And I don’t think aero-bars are going to be a comfortable cushion… Okay off task…

Today is Saturday. The alarm was set for early early. My partner is training for Cairns Full Ironman, and me a lowly half marathon… It’s not even one leg of what Sean is going to achieve all in one day. I really should pick my game up! Once our respective training is completed… That is while Sean is doing his 5 hour training block, I completed my 1 hour and 45 minute run, had coffee(s), caught up on the local gossip, and then eventually made it back home… At the same time Sean has finished his whole 5 hour session… It is time for breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Sometimes I don’t tell Sean that I have breakfast with my friends while he is training, just so I get two breakfasts hehe shh…




Over breakfast any day of the week we catch up. How was your training session? What have you got on this afternoon? Do you want to ride hills together in the morning? And this morning was no different… Then I started asking him things like “what did you sit on today?”…. And then I realised that we aren’t your average couple. Maybe to those like-minded friends, or you as the reader, with your involvement in the sport… You would know that I wasn’t asking if he was sitting on a chair, or a stool, or a sofa… That I was in fact asking what speed he was sitting on in his long ride… This got me thinking how bizarre we must sometimes seem to the outside world…

Maybe you are trying to understand your beloved, or you are trying to impress that hot sweaty lycra clad guy who rocks up to your local coffee shop…

Here’s the end product of my breakfast brain. A translation of some of the lingo that happens in my day to day life…



Bonk: This is probably something you don’t want to talk about too loudly at a coffee shop where everyone is NOT wearing lycra… For people who are a little more lycra loving, the term “bonking” isn’t as enjoyable as the other sensual meaning of the word… It pretty much means you are hitting the wall, your energy levels have been zapped, it’s time to go home and eat all the food and drink all the coffee…

Watt: A conversation I recently had was “have you seen the new watt bike? which the reply was “what bike?”… Watt’s are a measurement of of power that you as a rider push through your pedals. It is measured on a power meter.. or a watt bike…

Lube: Something that you apply to your bike chain…

Drops: Are the hooked section of the handle bar on a road bike.

Kit: They aren’t talking about Kit Kats! They are talking cycling clothes!

Chamois or Chammy: The padded part of the knicks (cycling shorts)

Cadence: As a musically educated person, I found this one tricky at first… Alas it has nothing to do with perfect fifths, it is about the speed in which your feet are turning the pedals… high cadence means your feet are rotating fast!

Aero:  Meaning aerodynamic. It is all about the position on the bike, what you are wearing and how your bike is set up. It is all about being as efficient as you can, reducing any resistance from the wind.

Drafting: This is something to learn how to do when the going gets tough. It is when someone tucks in behind another rider, and uses less energy than the rider who is riding into the wind.

LBS: Local Bike Shop

LSD: Long Steady Distance, ultimately this means a long Sunday ride! Nothing too crazy, this is a cruise and chat ride.

PSI: Is a measurement of air pressure in your tyre.

LBW: This is a cricket term. Something that I thought meant a little bit wide, apparently not. Apparently it means leg before wicket. *This isn’t a cycling term.

Sag Wagon: That phone call you get when your loved one has had two punctures and wants a lift home. Or That phone call you get when they have bonked and need a lift home. You are going to pick them up right? You are now their Sag Wagon.

Half-wheeling: When you or someone else has half of their wheel in front of yours. This is dangerous! Always ride handle-bar to handle-bar.

Getting dropped: This happens once in a while, especially when you are riding on a drop ride. Basically it is when your legs are tired, and you can’t keep up. Some groups will slow down and make sure you get home. Other groups have things they need to do, so its everyone for themselves. Don’t be disheartened. We all have our day.

Hubbard: You don’t want to be a Hubbard. Even though the word is fun to say. It is a name given to a rider who has rough bike handling skills, is awkward on the bike, or doesn’t have their matchymatchy game on point.




There’s a quick starter for some terms or phrases you might come across in the cycling world. If you have heard some and want to know what they are, shoot me a message and I shall see if I can interpret for you!

Happy riding and torquing gals xx 



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  1. Fi says:

    Love it! I think you should also translate “chewing the stem”!


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