There’s no better time than Christmas!!!!! I love this time of year, long days filled with riding bikes, drinking coffee and lazing around on the beach. It always seems to take for ever to come around, though we are finally here, only a few short weeks away! So put up that Christmas tree, and wrap tinsel around your handle bars for the festive season is aching to be celebrated.

Once you have got the tree up, time to get those pressies under there. I hope you have done your shopping!?? If not, don’t fret because here are a few ideas that will keep your friend/family/partner spinning happily away in their saddle…

First up….

Does anyone else ever go Christmas shopping and end up buying themselves a whole heap of stuff?? Yeah…. me either….**cough**

Don’t you hate it when you go to drink from your boyfriends water bottle and the water leaks from the valve? And spills all down your face and down your top. Every time. Even though sometimes you try and strategically sneak up on the water bottle to trick it into behaving, trying different angles to tip it into your mouth. And it still gets you… Throw that water bottle in the bin and purchase your boyfriend a new bottle that boasts a “leak proof valve”.   

Blog 9 Bidon

Louise from Giant on the Sunshine Coast shared these little beauties with me recently, and I don’t think I am going to be able to go past these pretty BPA free pink bidons. And the boyfriend is going to love them!!!… See not buying anything for myself….


I stumbled across these beautiful designs on some recent instagram explorations… These beach cruiser tea towels screams ‘don’t use me I am too precious!!!!’ Though how could you NOT buy them! All that this clever lady creates is ‘hand printed goodness’ and made from ‘natural & recycled material’. These beauties are the work of The Luna Life.

blog 9 tea towel
I’d let my dishes drip dry with beautiful tea towels like this…


There is nothing better than new socks. And these ones are even better than normal socks, because they are raising funds for cancer. With 20% of the profit going to to help raise money to find a cure.

Your feet (and heart) will never feel better


After the three-flats-in-a-row ride that I had a few weekends ago. I think that it would be a safe bet to gift anyone with some spares. Spare what’s you might ask? Spare anything!!!! Im out. Spare tubes and CO2 canisters will make a good small gift for any cyclist this year… and they will fit perfectly inside the Christmas Stocking…

New levers or a regulator might make a great gift also (just in case you have worn yours out too)

Also check out: A wheelie deflating topic for more Christmas Stocking gift ideas.


While we are on the topic of maintenance… Bike cleaning gear would also make a good Christmas Stocking gift. A chain cleaner or chain lube could make those happy little legs of your loved one spin even faster with less oil/dirt gunk there holding them back…



While vouchers might sometimes speak impersonal. Attach a note with this one saying: “10 rides, and 10 hot coffee dates with lots of love xxx” Ohhh that’s good.

Purchase a coffee voucher and let him/her stamp away those ride and coffee dates with you xx


This one if for the boys. A tie clip that is all swagger. While you are in those long business meetings it will remind you about what is close to your heart, and that work pays for the bike that you ride and the coffees that you drink.


for boys
Tie clip


Who doesn’t love Pizza? This little tiny low maintenance bike entered our kitchen a couple of weeks ago and we aren’t looking back. I feel that because the bike is yellow… we are really winning with this one! Carb up that pizza in style!



This gift idea is one that I won’t buy, but only because I already have bought one… A coloured wooden bike symbol, or dust collector. Though it can make a book shelf look very cute. This mini timber bike comes from Typo and is only 1 millionth of the cost of your real bike. Happy Days!

typo real


With Summer here I hate going for hilly sweaty rides in the heat without gloves on. I hate how it makes my handle bars feel. And a glove tan line looks badass. Hands down. Gloves would make a great Christmas present for any cyclist. Check out these beauties from Betty Designs.


Legs Eleven… 

I am hanging out for some new knicks at the moment. My old ones have lost their padded comfort, and long rides are starting to become uncomfortable. These will definitely be on my Christmas list, ready for some long rides this summer!

cycle pants


Here’s one for the kiddi-winkles or our little elf’s. Let’s start fostering a love for riding in our children. Encourage them to live a healthy and active lifestyle, so those qualities are engrained for life. These cute little zippizap bikes are great for our little ones to start developing the important skill of balance on two wheels. Before you know it, you will have a great little cycling friend out of your daughter or son.


I hope that this list gives you some ideas for your cycling loved one/s. And remember that Christmas is not needing to be materialistic. Remember that the best thing about Christmas is the company of Friends, Family and loved ones. Your presence not presents. 

LOVE riding on Christmas Morning with close friends
LOVE riding on Christmas Morning with close friends

Let the silly season begin girls xxx 

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